Program Overview

We are already preparing for an amazing summer in 2018!!!  We have twelve different programs running this summer for each age, gender, and type of adventure you are seeking.  We believe in a God of Adventure.  He has a story and a plan for each of us.  If we can enter into that adventure with Him, first by trying amazing and spectacular new experiences, and then having the time and quiet to reflect on them and listen to God's moving, we can discover a lot about who God is and who he made us to be in this world.  We integrate adventure experiences with faith formation.  We teach about God and His Church through incredible and unique adventure experiences designed to bring out the best in you.  So whether you are climbing a peak, navigating a rapid or sleeping in a Teepee in the Colorado wilderness, an incredible adventure of faith and personal growth awaits you.  


Middle School Program: Wilderness Adventure

This 6 day, 5 night program on Camp Wojtyla’s wilderness property is for those entering 6th grade through upcoming 8th graders. You must be 11 years old by October 1st to participate. Sleeping in Teepees, hiking through Colorado’s beautiful mountains, and learning how to shoot a bow and arrow are just a few of the many adventures these campers will enjoy!


High School Program: Alpine expedition

The High School Alpine Expedition Program is on Camp Wojtyla’s wilderness property. It features many adventures during the week including Rock Climbing, a summit attempt or a big hike day on Colorado’s peaks and mountains, and White Water Rafting. Campers will spend the night in Teepees at our property and learn the richness of their Catholic faith while enjoying the great outdoors.


High School Backcountry expeditions

These backpacking trips are on the mountainous trails of Colorado, exploring God’s creation while camping and exploring different scenic routes. The 6 day option (Guys and Girls Expeditions 1 & 2) are available for those entering 9th through 10th grade and the nine day option (Guys and Girls Expeditions 3 & 4) are available for those entering 11th grade though departing 12th grade. The nine day option will end with a trip to Buena Vista for white water rafting on the Arkansas River.


Camp Wojtyla, Inc is authorized to operate under permits from the National Park Service in Rocky Mountain National Park, and from the United States Forest Service in Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests Indian Peaks Wilderness. Camp Wojtyla is an equal opportunity service provider.