What makes us different?

A reflection by Annie Powell, co-founder and director of Camp Wojtyla

Many people ask us, what makes us different from other camps?  There are wonderful camps out there-- Scott and I grew up going to a variety of these fun and enriching camps.  But, why, if there are so many great camps out there, did we start Camp Wojtyla?  The answer is simple, we wanted it ALL.  Many camps and outdoor programs offer incredible high adventure experiences like rock climbing and mountaineering.  Still other camps offer faith formation and inspire growth in one's relationship with God.  Some even offer them all throughout the same week...after you rock climb you'll learn a little about Jesus.  We wanted to teach about our Lord, Jesus Christ and the life He has called us to WHILE rock climbing---engage the big questions of life AS we whitewater raft---KNOW what it is to depend on your brother in Christ within the adventure experience at hand.  We wanted BOTH the amazing adventure experience AND the faith formation --- TOGETHER.  

We know first hand just how much adventure can teach us about Jesus Christ, the Church He founded and the life he has called us to.  We know how important it is to know one's faith, to read and understand the scriptures and to have solid fellowship with other Catholics.  We also know that extensive research points to the positive effects of outdoor experiences on self awareness, confidence and leadership skills.  Our lives are not compartmentalized, so why should camp be? St. Therese of the Child Jesus is quoted as saying "I choose all" when faced with a choice of many extreme goods.  At Camp Wojtyla, we choose ALL---adventure and faith formation, integrated seamlessly--- and that is what makes all the difference.