Camp Wojtyla Backpacking Instructors


Camp Wojtyla Backpacking Instructors serve on a small team that takes groups of campers on extended backpacking trips in the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness. These backcountry expeditions cover wilderness travel and living, but at the core are steeped in faith-based growth and activities for the campers focused on the camp mission. The Backpacking Instructor’s role at Camp Wojtyla includes both professionalism and proficiency, as well as counselor-style servant leadership. This commitment is similar to a ten-week mission trip during which staff grow spiritually and personally through incredible service and adventure. Instructors serve God first by placing prayer as a daily priority, and build his Kingdom by giving of their whole selves to the campers and staff community.


At a Glance

  • Dates: May 26 - August 4, 2020

  • Open to experienced college students and recent graduates

  • Summer stipend provided

  • Backcountry Expedition Subjects: backcountry living and wilderness travel, adventure education, wilderness catechesis, Leave No Trace, wilderness first aid

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