Camp Wojtyla Backpacking Instructor Details


Camp Wojtyla backpacking instructors will serve on a team of experienced and qualified individuals to help lead young people through transformative experiences in the wilderness.

Job Description

Instructors can expect to be on a small team of trip leaders who will take groups of unexperienced campers on six to nine day backpacking trips in the Rocky Mountains. These trips cover wilderness travel and living, but at the core are steeped in faith-based growth and activities for the campers. Trip leaders should be willing to model and lead technical backcountry/camping skills as well as activities and discussions on the spiritual life (to be covered in training). Some of the summer expeditions will travel through high alpine environments, exposed terrain, and wildlife territory. Safety of the staff and campers is a key element of these trips, and is a responsibility of the instructor. After a 2.5 week training period, instructors will lead up to 4 trips throughout the course of the summer, with time in-between at CW’s base camp. Backpacking instructors will report to the Summer Backpacking Coordinator(s). Individuals in this position can expect long days and hard work; this investment is typically accompanied by an extremely rewarding summer filled with continued learning, growth, and development (spiritually and technically) of the instructor. Food and living accommodations are included.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience leading multi-day backpacking trips

  • Great physical fitness

  • Practicing Catholic

  • Desire to serve the Church and work with young people

  • Hold Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification*

  • Minimum age: 19 (and at least one year out of high school)

Preferred Candidates

  • Previous experience serving with an outdoor education or faith-based ministry

  • Knowledge of the Rocky Mountain ecosystem and alpine travel

  • Excellent navigation skills

  • Multiple backcountry trip experiences of 6+ days

  • Open to work for multiple summers


  • Summer Commitment: May 26 - August 4, 2020

  • Optional trainings: WFR* - expect 6-10 days in the spring; Leader Training Course: May 13-19 (tentative) - the possibility and necessity of these trainings will be discussed in interview

  • Compensation will be determined based on experience and certifications; instructors can expect a stipend of$2000-$3000 for the summer, with opportunity for additional income through fundraising support. Despite the compensation, this is still considered a servant leadership position.


*Note on WFR certification: If you are experienced in the backcountry, but do not already hold a Wilderness First Responder Certification please discuss options with CW staff during application process.


To Apply

Submit the full Camp Wojtyla counselor application online (we will begin accepting applications again in October 2019). One of your references must be from an outdoor professional. Email proof of WFR certification (or date of intended certification) and a trip log with your outdoor experiences (see example below) to Beth at Feel free to email with any questions on application, position, or qualification requirements.

Example Trip Log