Apply Now

We invite you to apply for a summer position with Camp Wojtyla after prayer and discernment.

Application Process and timeline

  1. Information

    Make sure you read all the information available here and our FAQs.

  2. Pray

    Please say a prayer for you and for us as we both discern God's will for Camp Wojtyla and for you.

  3. Fill out the application

    Please fill out the application online here. Take your time with each question and answer in the most concise and honest way possible.

  4. Reference forms

    After your application submission is complete, we will confirm via email that we received your application. Next you will be sent a link to a reference form that you must send out to your 3 references. The references are electronic; once they have the link they may submit the reference form online—no need to mail in.

  5. Interviews

    Once we receive all 3 references and the application we will read them through. If you qualify, we will send you a link to schedule the interview. Most of the interviews are done online through a video conference. You'll receive a link and instructions at that time. If the applicant lives in Colorado or is attending the Focus SEEK Conference in Indianapolis, we will conduct an in-person interview. Interviews typically last about one hour. If you're applying for a Backpacking Instructor position, a secondary interview will be scheduled with the Backpacking Coordinator. Typically, interviews will take place in December and January.

  6. Keep praying!

    Once you're done with the interview, it is time to pray even harder…

  7. Final answer and invitations

    Interviews will be granted from December until February 1st, and the notification and invitations to be part of our staff will roll out before mid-February.

All applications and supporting materials are due by January 31, 2019 but don’t wait until the last minute! Spots fill out fast and we try to make our hiring decisions before mid-February.

If you have questions, please contact