Servant Leadership Program Details

Catholic Leadership at Camp Wojtyla

Camp Wojtyla programs give opportunities for summer staff to learn and facilitate faith-based outdoor experiences at our base camp and off-site in the Rocky Mountains.  Our summer staff culture is rooted in a supportive learning environment with high expectations. Servant Leaders are given the opportunity for a positive, transformational summer, with results and impact that last far beyond the mountains.

We craft the summer experience so that counselors will be able to assume leadership roles at camp and beyond. We intend for CW alumni to live in authentic friendship with God; to realize the inseparable bond of the four relationships (with God, self, others, and Creation); to become a faithful and competent evangelizer; and to become an excellent outdoor leader

If these goals resonate with you, consider applying now!

Overview of the summer positioN

As a counselor at Camp Wojtyla, you are asked to dedicate yourself fully for ten weeks to the mission of Camp Wojtyla by working directly with middle school and high school students through Catholic outdoor adventures. As a part of a dynamic team, you will live in close community with camp counselors who share the common goal of growing in holiness and virtue. Your role at Camp Wojtyla is a servant leader. We model this “servant leader” position directly after Christ’s example. While counselors do indeed receive great experiences of formation and growth, ultimately their purpose at camp is to “lay down their life for their friends”--the campers and other counselors (John 15:13). You will serve God by placing prayer as a priority in your day as well as giving of your whole self to the campers and the staff community. Think of this commitment as a ten-week mission trip during which you will grow spiritually and personally through incredible service and adventure.

Throughout the three weeks of staff training you will be guided in exploring the deepest questions of what it means to be human and love God with your whole heart through a silent retreat, daily bible studies, rock climbing, high alpine hikes, and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains. You will be trained in outdoor leadership, risk management, and how to evangelize and teach the word of God. During these three weeks, you will grow in relationship with your fellow counselors and learn what it is to be a part of a Christian community. You will work with your community of counselors to joyfully maintain our mountain “home”, amidst the unique circumstances of wilderness living: cooking in an outdoor kitchen, washing up without running water, erecting twenty-five foot teepees, and maintaining our gear and land as if it were your own. Through these many formative experiences—both planned and organic—Camp Wojtyla offers a unique opportunity for intense growth and discovery of who God has created you to be.

Because the experience is one of growing in community and serving each other, the campers, and the overall mission, counselors are expected to commit to the entire ten weeks. Some exceptions do arise, and we strive to be accommodating in these cases. Please be sure to mention those needs in your application.

Financial Information

All of your room, board, and leadership training expenses for ten weeks will be covered. The only expense for these ten weeks will be your spending money for days of rest and leisure. In the style and spirit of a missionary, you are asked to fundraise a minimum of $800 and maximum $4,500 for your summer stipend and to support the needs of Camp Wojtyla. CW will provide support and materials for this endeavor, in case fundraising is new to you.

Approximately 35% of the funds you raise go directly toward our vital Camp Wojtyla fund (operations, camper scholarships, etc.) and the rest, if desired, will be given to you in the form of a stipend to help offset your costs we know many students incur both during the summer and the year. Your final stipend is approximately 65% of what you raise (taxed), with up to $400 of that stipend eligible as an untaxed travel reimbursement.

All Camp Wojtyla employees participate in the financial and spiritual development of our Mission by bringing mission partners who pray for us and help provide for the financial needs of this program. As a non-profit, we fundraise 63% of the cost to run our summer programs, with the remainder covered by camper fees. We will give you the resources and coaching to make this a manageable and fruitful task and to help you enjoy raising support. It is an amazing way to give the Catholic faithful hope and inspiration in regards to the youth and life of our Church today.

*Note on Wilderness First Responder Certification: If you are interested but do not already hold a WFR certification, Camp Wojtyla is willing to financially assist you with this valuable training. Please discuss options with CW staff during application process

The nitty-gritty

Camp Wojtyla is a ten-week, intensive wilderness program that, while often a beautiful “mountain-top experience” both literally and figuratively, also requires many sacrifices for the sake of the mission. This includes but is not limited to: early mornings and late nights—not only during wilderness adventures with campers, but also in a significant amount of manual camp chores; living in close proximity with 30 other counselors in a remote location with limited privacy, access to showers, or other typical comforts; eating food that is communally prepared in an outdoor kitchen; little to no access to internet or electronics outside of designated times during communal rest and leisure; commitment to direct accountability to Camp Wojtyla Staff or in some cases, peer leadership; and commitment to an inter-counselor dating fast for the duration of the summer. This position may not be for everyone.

For further details, please see our counselor FAQs.