Arrival and Departure for Middle School Wilderness Camp and High School Alpine Camp

 Flying to Colorado

If your child is flying to Colorado for camp AND you would like to use our shuttle service to Camp Wojtyla:

1.Schedule your child’s flight to arrive by 12:30pm at Denver International Airport on the first day of your program, and schedule his/her flight to depart after 4pm on the last day of the program. Scheduling outside of the parameters may render your child ineligible for our shuttle—due to airport travel times, limited vehicles and staff, and the high volume of flying campers, we cannot accommodate your camper outside of the given timeline. If your child needs to depart later than 6 pm, we will not be able to wait with them at the airport. 

*It is very important that these times be honored so other campers won’t have to miss closing ceremonies on the last day. If you are having trouble finding flights that coincide with these times, please email us at and we can troubleshoot together.

2.Forward the airline-provided itinerary to immediately upon booking (PRIOR TO MAY 1) to assure shuttle service. Be sure to clearly indicate if your camper will be flying as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) and in need of gate pick-up. All other campers will be met by a Camp Wojtyla staff member at the top of the escalators exiting the “secure zone” of the airport. Remember to send the itinerary for both arrival and departure. Also, fill in all flight information in the space provided on our registration website at

3.There is a round trip shuttle fee of $50 per camper. You can pay this online. 

Unaccompanied Minors vary from airline to airline. Below is information regarding the age requirements for minors. Virgin America and Southwest Airlines would be preferable since all campers(including middle schoolers) would not be considered minors, therefore making it easier to pick up and drop off the campers from the shuttle. 



Driving into Town for Drop-off and Pick-Up

Drop-Off: The exact location for dropping your child off at camp is Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church. 1318 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO 80304.  From there, your child will ride a bus to Camp Wojtyla to avoid heavy traffic in the area. 

Pick-Up: Pick up will be at Camp Wojtyla following the closing ceremony. 

Camp Wojtyla Address
2282 County Rd 87
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