Camper Registration 2015

*All wait lists are currently closed! If you register for a wait list camp, your request will not be processed. Please mark your calendars to register for our 2016 programs in late October/early November.*

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Please note: Middle School: entering 6th-8th grade. High School: Entering 9th-exiting 12th grade.
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Grouping Request
You may request ONE friend to be placed in a group with. * Please note that we are only able to honor group placement with one other camper, and both must mutually request one another to insure placement. Campers requesting each other must also be within one grade level of one another. At Camp Wojtyla, group placements are made with much consideration and prayer, taking in to account the intricate dynamics of a small group. For example, we try not to group incoming freshman with outgoing seniors in order to address the different needs of these groups in different ways. Camp Wojtyla is a great place to meet and make new friendships! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns
Applying for Scholarship? *
Partial scholarships are available (up to $200 for Middle School camps, and up to $300 for High School camps). Please check this box if you are planning on applying for a scholarship. You will also need to fill out a separate, online scholarship application, due within two weeks of your online registration. Application deadline is March 1st. Applications received after March 1st will be considered pending available funding.
Agreement of Terms and Conditions *
In pressing the submit button, I understand and agree with the following terms and conditions: 1. My child's spot is not secured until this registration form has been submitted AND I have either (a) paid in full, OR (b) set up a recurring payment plan (non-refundable $100 deposit included in camper fee) OR (c) paid non-refundable $100 deposit and applied for a scholarship. 2. I understand that spots are limited, and that if the camp session I am registering my child for is full at the time of registration, my child will be put on the wait list. 3. I understand that upon my child's acceptance in to their camp session, I will be sent a packet of forms. I agree read these carefully, and to return those forms (Camper forms: 2 weeks from this date, Medical Forms: May 1) on the clearly indicated due dates. I understand that failure to adhere to this policy may result in my child being moved to the wait list. I understand that I am responsible for any information included in this packet. 4. I understand that all camper fees must be paid by May 1. Failure to do so may result in my child being moved to the wait list.