We are set and ready for an amazing summer in 2014!!!  We have six different programs running this summer for each age, gender and type of adventure you are seeking.  We believe in a God of Adventure.  He has a story and a plan for each of us.  If we can enter into that adventure with Him, first by trying amazing and spectacular new experiences, and then having the time and quiet to reflect on them and listen to God's moving, we can discover a lot about who God is and who he made us to be in this world.  We integrate adventure experiences with faith formation.  We teach about God and His Church through incredible and unique adventure experiences designed to bring out the best in you.  So whether you are climbing a peak, navigating a rapid or sleeping in a Teepee amidst 1200 acres of Colorado wilderness, an incredible adventure of faith and personal growth awaits you.  


Wilderness Adventure Camp (Middle School) 

Tuition cost: $499

Wilderness Adventure Camp Girls (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY): June 15-20 

Wilderness Adventure Camp Guys (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY): June 22- 27


Extreme Expeditions (High School)

Tuition cost: $735

Girls Alpine Expedition (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY): July 6-13

Girls Backpacking Expedition (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY): July 6-13

 Guys Alpine Expedition (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY): July 20-27

 Guys Backpacking Expedition (FULL, WAITLIST ONLY) Expedition: July 20-27