Participation in Camp Wojtyla requires the activity level of a person in good health. There will be a considerable amount of walking, climbing, and other various physical demands. All of these factors may aggravate certain health conditions. Please be aware of this, and communicate to Camp Wojtyla staff any concerns you might have, and be sure to accurately complete all medical information.


All medications must be turned in to the Camp Doctor at check-in, and recorded on the medication log on the medical form (due April 15). All prescription drugs need to be in the original bottle from the pharmacy with instructions on dose and frequency given that match the chart above. We cannot administer prescriptions or OTC meds without physician’s signature, or that are expired. We suggest sending a few extra days of medication for unforeseen circumstances. The State of Colorado is very careful when it comes to medications. This is in order to protect children from reactions to unknown allergies and overdose. We will provide ibuprofen, Tylenol, and Benadryl—please do not send your camper with these medications. We thank you for your attention to detail in this matter!


Camp Wojtyla operates from a seven-burner outdoor kitchen. We are approved by and follow the guidelines laid out by the Colorado Department of Health. We use a rotating menu that was created with the help of a nutritionist. Our goal is to provide delicious, healthy meals to our campers to best provide for our active, high-altitude lifestyle. We are able to accommodate several common food allergies/sensitivities such as gluten and dairy, but we do require prior notice in order to best prepare to serve you. Please note that especially severe (anaphylaxis) allergies must be discussed with the Camp Director—we may not be able to accommodate you. Please consider sending some of your child’s favorite substitution foods like gluten- free crackers or cookies, dairy free cheese, et cetera. Please turn in all food at registration. Camp Wojtyla does their very best to tailor the menu to your child’s needs, but this gesture can be of great help – thank you!