General Backcountry Packing Information


Our Modesty Philosophy: At Camp Wojtyla, your camper will be participating in a variety of high adventure outdoor activities. Clothing that is comfortable and appropriate to these activities is vital to maximizing your camper’s experience. Your camper will be hiking and moving in outdoor terrain for multiple days. In addition, we believe that clothing should be reflective of the dignity we possess as men and women of Christ. Below we’ve proved a guideline to help you as you pack for your adventure at Camp Wojtyla!

For Girls:

  1. Shorts should be roomy and at least mid-thigh. This helps maintain modesty and range of motion when hiking. A helpful way to tell: Shorts should be roughly a palm length on the leg when sitting, and loose enough in the leg that at least an inch of material on either side can be pinched while standing.

  2. Tops should be comfortable and loosely fitted. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable and great for the summer heat; however, shirts with thin or loose straps, that expose the bra straps, that are low or may gape during activity, or show the midriff are not camp-appropriate. This will also protect you from the sun’s strong rays at altitude. A helpful way to tell: Straps should be at least 2 finger-­‐width’s wide.

  3. Leggings are great to wear under shorts or pants as an extra warm layer, but we ask you not to wear leggings without additional coverage while backpacking with Camp Wojtyla.

For Guys:

  1. Shorts should be roomy and fall no higher than just above the knee. Sturdy shorts or pants are essential for both comfort and function.

  2. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable, but should not be cut down in the armpits revealing the chest.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or clarifications. Thank you for your help while packing! We are committed to making Camp Wojtyla a comfortable experience for all. We desire all of our participants to feel their clothing can serve them well at camp as well as reflect their dignity as a son or daughter of God. Thank you again!

Backcountry Packing List

The list below is what your son or daughter will need to be comfortable and prepared in the backcountry. Please do not feel that you need to buy all of these things if you do not have them already. Consider borrowing from a friend or renting some of the items. Shop at Thrift Stores – fleece is fleece; Nylon is Nylon; whether it is from Walmart or Patagonia. We may even have something in our gear room that could fill a need—call us for rentals. Our advice? Collect the sweaters, fleece jackets, pants, and other layers you think might work. Contact Camp Wojtyla for a personal consultation via phone or Skype. Due to the backcountry nature of your program, there is not much room for error and extras when it comes to clothing and gear. Please call us with any questions.

****Updated 2019 Packing List Coming Soon****